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January's Personal Fabric Swap

Back in December, CC and myself decided on a Black and White theme for January's swap. It was quite a challenge for me since I had less than 2 weeks to work on her swap package (yep, that's how much time I had between my Portland and Vegas trips). While I was in Portland, I came across a cute little drawstring pouch that was on display in a local craft shop. It looked fairly simple to do! Hence, I was inspired to make my interpretation of it for CC:

Well, here are my selections of black and white fabrics. Along with the fabrics, I decided that CC needed to have a sewing-themed charm bracelet! I came across these charms (sewing machine, thimble, scissors and spool of thread) while I was in Portland, and they're simply adorable!

Last but not least, I had to send along another piece of fabric (though it's not part of the black and white theme) that I purchased for CC while I was in Portland! Anyone who knows CC well, will agree that she's extremely fond of making quilts :)

Edited to add more pictures, courtesy of CC (because I'm all thumbs with the camera!)


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