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3/50 in 2010 - The Phoebe Bag

A lovely pattern by Rebeka Lambert that I've been meaning to try for ages. This weekend seemed like a good time to do that...especially since it's horribly cold outside, and also because I already have all materials needed for constructing the bag (ah, the merits of having too much fabric). I decided to use a fine wale corduroy for the exterior. The finished bag was approximately 12 by 13 inches, and I'm definitely likeing the long handle strap. Good design! I don't usually care much for using patterns, but this one was a piece of cake to work with!

It's Vegas, Baby!

Whee! I'm back from the STS meet-up in Vegas, and boy did we have fun! Aside from the usual Vegas hijinks, we also managed to fit in some quality crafting time. Before the meet-up, I was frantically working on small craft items (1/50 in 2010) to gift, AND a medium item (2/50 in 2010) for the white elephant gift exchange. Talk about swap anxiety! I knew I had to up my game because I was meeting up with a bunch of seriously talented crafters!!!

It took me awhile to figure out what to make, and I finally settled on sewing a bunch of pochettes (aka 1/50 in 2010). I don't have any pictures of the ones that were given to the girls, but here are examples of some that I made this week:

In the exchange, I received a plethora of small crafted goods from everyone...

My contribution to the white elephant gift exchange, was a knitted scarf (aka 2/50 in 2010) using the April Showers Scarf pattern. Being the procrastinator that I am, I was only 85% done with the scarf when I boarded the plane for Vegas. Thankfully, due to a significant delay in my travel plans, I finished the scarf in time for the swap. Oy vey.

Image provided by NP

And I managed to snag a couple of skeins of squishy yarn in the gift exchange!!

Other highlights of the weekend included...

A buffet of craft supplies looking for new homes...

Image provided by CDM

A mini felting marathon led by NP, in which I completed my first felt!

A duo of cards (destined to be framed and hung in my work office) that I purchased from a local artist at the First Friday event!

I can't believe how much we did in one wee weekend!!!

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