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Strolling mitts...

The grand finale for 2011...another pair of fingerless mitts (50 of 50). For these mitts, I used an uber soft 100% alpaca yarn (Plymouth Indiecita Alpaca) and this pattern.

These mitts were finished the night before I left for my vacation and I didn't get a chance to weave in the ends...but they're done now!

Tree ornament

I had an insanely huge stack of magazines, catalogs and miscellaneous print media waiting to be recycled. Before I tossed them in the recycling box, I went through some of it and pulled out pages that were green. Yes, green...with a specific purpose in mind, of course.

Not long ago, I came across a picture of some Anthropologie-inspired earrings made with paper beads and decided I needed to make some paper beads.

The earrings do not appeal to me, but I thought the basic concept was neat...and had the 'duh!' moment of realization that they might make cute tree ornaments! Yep. So here's my tree ornament (49 of 50)...and the second picture is truer to the actual colors.

Thistle Cap

Came across this lovely pattern (48 of 50) for a cabled hat and decided it would be perfect as a thank you gift for my secret santa (who totally surprised me with all kinds of awesome goodies). Hope she likes it!

Not crafty...

but it sure looks colourful! I was planning to stick with ultraviolet blue, but the girl who does my hair really wanted to try Pravana's Wild Orchids on my hair. Meh, it's just hair, so I agreed. We (yeah, I say 'we' like I had any say in this) decided to try for a gradation effect as well, so the strands deepens from fuschia, violet, to purple. Did I mention that I love it? I really do.

Done! *whew*

It'll be awhile before I pick up another cross stitch project, for sure. Still not quite sure if I should just frame this or sew a decorative door hanger pillow with the finished piece. Oh well, at least the stitching is done (47 of 50).

Susie's Reading Mitts...

or rather a modified version (46 of 50) of it. Didn't care much for the faux picot edging, so I subtracted that portion of the pattern from the top edge of the mitts and left the lower edges unhemmed. I am loving the slightly longer length of these mitts though! And for posterity, I've made gobs of notes about the modifications on the pattern sheet in the event that I decide to knit another pair of these mitts!

Hive Mitts

Back on a knitting kick! This pattern (45 of 50) called for 5 different yarns to create the stripes, but I decided to go with Debbie Mumm's Reminiscence yarn in a sea glass colorway. Not quite sure if I'll like the buttonhole thumb bit (most of the other mitts I've knitted offered more thumb coverage) but as I tried it on, it occured to me that the lack of the usual thumb guesset also means that these mitts may do double duty as cuffs! Awfully convenient, no?

Note: Dangit. I can't find these mitts *exasperated* Where did they go? They obviously hate being photographed

ETA: Found them! They were hiding in a bag with another knitting project! Yay!

Lined baskets...

More simple sewing and more destashing. I love baskets in all shapes and sizes, and lining them with pretty fabrics (44 of 50) makes me happy. It's darn near impossible to get one clear picture of the lined baskets, so I went a smidge overboard!

The ho ho ho one is for sis, but the other one is perfect for the growing stash of mitts that I've knitted in 2011!

Princess Mitts...

for my mama. She requested a pair of mitts (43 of 50) after seeing the ones I made for Q & S. This pattern has been on my ravelry queue for awhile, so I'm glad I had a reason to knit it! I found some Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino in my stash and thought it was perfect for this project. It's soooo soft and I loved working with it...that is, until I encountered knots in the yarn.

Yes, more than one knot in a skein. Totally unacceptable, in my opinion, for high end yarns. Ugh. I only ended up using one skein of it (and had approximately 1 yard of yarn left), and I'm not sure what I'll do with the remaining skein.

Anyhow, I like the finished product. It feels so soft...I hope my mama will be pleased with it.

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