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Lazy Day Shawl Completed!

Well truthfully, the shawl (42 of 50) was completed in October...but I was rather lazy when it came to blocking it. So glad it's done...and just in time for Christmas gifting. I hope the recipient will like it!

Dishcloths and Barmops

Simple is good. These dishcloths and barmops (41 of 50) are spiffed up with fabric strips from my stash. The Christmas themed barmops are for my sis, and the rest will be gifts as well!

Slowly, but surely?

I was obviously optimistic about my ability to do cross-stitch. Early in November, I downloaded a freebie pattern ("Christmas Morning" by Felicity Hall) and figured I could get this done in a couple of weeks...right?

Here's what it looked like on the first day...

and here's where I'm at 4 weeks later.

Oy vey. Will I get this done by Christmas 2011?!?

Monster Minion

Meet Mikey, the mischievious monster minion (40 of 50). I found him hiding among my teacups and mugs...probably up to no good, per usual. He was made with the RevoluzZza Monster (aka Monster Ninni) pattern! Eep!!! Mikey has been shipped off to his new home (hopefully he'll be good and won't cause too much mayhem there...), but I will be making a couple more to hand out to friends and family because I think everyone needs a wee monster in their life!

Market Tote Bag

Measuring in at 18" by 21" or so, it's a decent-sized tote (39 of 50) for a quick trip to the library or market day. The design of this tote is based on a beautiful pillow I saw online.


It has been ages (hmmm, at least 8 years?) since I've played with polymer clay...and I've forgotten how much fun it can be. Saw some cute birdie-shaped pendants and decided that I could easily make a batch of them (38 of 50). I used translucent polymer and painted and sealed the pieces after curing.

The birdies were missing something...and I finally figured out what!

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