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Fiber, fiber, fiber!

Dyeing like a mad woman bent on using up her stash of fibers (because erm, more fiber is on its way *embarrassed*). Recently, I placed an order for several pounds of BFL, merino and falkland. Hence the guilt-induced flurry of activity in the laundry room.


Water (domestic wool, 4.15 oz)

Fire (domestic wool, 4.35 oz)

Denim & Taupe (mill ends, 2.80 oz)

Cyanobacteria (mill ends, 2.85 oz)

Koi Pond (mill ends, 2.95 oz)

Desert Sky (mill ends, 2.85 oz)

The Woods (mill ends, 2.80 oz)

The Gardens (mill ends, 2.80 oz)

Under The Sea (merino/silk blend, 7.10 oz)

And now, I need to tackle my undyed yarn stash. Oy vey.

Snippets of paper, odd embellishments, colourful buttons, recycled aluminum pieces, spent tubes of glue, ink-stained fingers...and the occasional utterance of not-so-nice four letter words. All signs that suggest that chunky houses are in the works! Let's take a tour, shall we?

Chopin strolled among the autumn leaves.

At #9, he found very little creature comfort.

He regarded the stuffy little parlour at #10 with disdain.

Undaunted with what he has seen thus far, with an extraordinarily reflective expression, he feels a connection with #65.

#8 exuded a dissonance in the pealing harmonies, which left him oddly at peace.

With a certain ease and grace that brightened his day, quirky #4 made him smile.

#821 was a sight for sore eyes. He lingered, with carefully coherent recollections of his past.

At #703, he is humbled by a tide of crimson and the realization that a house is but a's the memories that makes it a home.

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