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Lately, work has been keeping me on my toes. Still, I managed to do a wee bit of sewing. Here's the pouch that I made for RY's daughter, L. She's a sweet little thing, and I love sewing for her!

In one of my Craftster swaps, I received a bounty of gorgeous carded batts! This weekend, I spun two of them and I can't decide if I need to ply them. Perhaps I should set them aside until I have a clearer picture of the art yarns I'm trying to create.

STS Shop Goods: Part II

Two pairs of earrings and some stitch markers! I've gotta get back to crafting!

STS Shop Goods: Part I

I've been working on a bunch of tiny projects for the STS swap shop, and now that's it's April, let the trading begin!

Eye Pillows filled with rice and dried French lavender!

Card cases for business cards, debit cards, etc.!

Notepads and mini notecards!

There's more, but I need to take pictures!

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