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Patchwork Purse...


My version. With a few modifications. Of course.


Coin pouch made with my own pattern.

Meet Kendall - an Ashford Traditional, single treadle, single drive with scotch tension spinning wheel. I bought her a week ago from a spinner who didn't have time for her because she was still in love with her Lendrum wheel. The poor thing needed to come home with me! After a wee bit of research, I believe that Kendall was made in the 70s! That means she's almost as old as...well, you know who :)

Oooh, and what's that to the right of the wheel?

Yep. Another batch of freshly dyed roving.

Japanese Fabrics...

I won a mini stash of cute Japanese fabrics last week off a blog giveaway!

And I've decided to send something to Ayumi for her generosity. Well, this stamp, and some fabrics...of course :)

One for You, One for Me...

which somehow ended up being "three for my partner, and three for me" in one of my Craftster swaps. No regrets though! These projects have been on my to-do list for awhile, and I'm really thankful for the chance to get them done!

1. Slouchy Bag (Cindy Taylor Oates pattern)
The black/white one's mine, while my partner requested a bag in various shades of green for her mama. The instructions that came with the pattern was incredibly wordy and a bit confusing *sigh* That and I find out that making your own binding and installing them brings out the worst in me :P

2. Dotted Dream Purse (free pattern from Ottobre Design)
Another project that I've been wanting to tackle for ages! The red, white, blue purse is for my swap partner (she picked those colours), while the green purse will be a gift for a friend (who shall remain unnamed...for now). I love the handles for this purse, and I'm already thinking of ways to incorporate that design into my other purse-making endeavours!!!

3. Stalks and Blossoms Scarf (free pattern from The Purl Bee blog)
The colour description on the tag for the yarn read "Dark Teal" but in reality, the colour is more like a "Dark Foliage Green". This simple lace pattern was a fun and easy knit, and yes, I ended up making two scarves with the same colours because I fell in love with the colour while working on my partner's scarf.

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