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Matching outfits (17/50)

For the wee niece and her 18-inch doll. Butterick has an easy dress pattern that looked rather versatile (i.e. may be worn as a summer frock, and possibly thru the cooler autumn months with leggings and a long sleeve tee...and the buttons may be adjusted as the kid grows). As luck would have it, I found a similar dress pattern in doll-sized proportions!!

Dress for S (the girl)

Dress for S (the doll)

Both dresses!

Coral Reef - BFL, Silk, Merino/Border Leicester

Faded Denim - Mystery Wool

Blush Blooms - Merino

Dark Lichens - Merino

Deepwoods - Domestic Long Wool

River - Domestic Long Wool

July ATCS...

Birdie Butler - Bristol board, scrapbook papers, embossing powder, pigment ink.

Sew Somthing! - Bristol board, vintage pattern, tape measure, thread, buttons, pigment ink, chalk ink.


Cicles - Bristol board, scrapbook papers, text, pigment ink, pencil.

Make A Wish - Bristol board, scrapbook paper, pen, pigment ink.

Spun and skeined (15/50)

From what looks like a bunch of leftover yarns (well, actually, it's handspun from bits of leftover fiber scraps)...

Into another colourful, quirky, happy skein of yarn!!!


For a while now, I've been entertaining the thought of spinning a wonderfully quirky skein of yarn which embodies everything I love about the diversity of fibers. Last week, a swap buddy put out a request for bits of handspun fibers for her weaving project. I took all my leftover handpun and joined the ends to form one coherent skein for her to work from.

On the spindle, the colours were vivacious in spite of being haphazardly thrown together in the mix of things. There were strands of DK weight as well as lace weight, and textures ranged from smooth to nubby.

Once skeined, I marvelled at the cohesiveness of the yarn.

There will be many more quirky handspuns in the near future! The happy muddy of colours and textures makes me smile :0)

Stamp shop...

Stopped by my favourite rubber stamp shop this morning to sign up for a card making class and also because they were having their 2nd annual garage sale! I wasn't really looking for anything in particular, but the following items caught my eye...

Four mini frame stamps to use with my inchies!

Fluffy sheep stamp for making yarn/fiber tags!

Matchbox sewing kit stamp for, erm, making sewing kits!

Mice galore (hate the real life rodents but these were too darn cute!)

Winnie the Pooh stamp because I <3 the bear...

Using the oven to dye fiber...

When outside temps are in the mid 90 degrees Fahrenheit range, well that is not a clever idea. But meh, it was a long holiday weekend and I had the desire to colour the stash of mill ends I discovered while looking for, erm, something else in my craftroom.

Eeyore's Fur - 2.75 oz

My Sweet Valentine - 2.95 oz

Carribean Paradise - 2.95 oz

Squash Medley - 3.05 oz

Fighting Irish - 2.75 oz

Swamp Monster - 2.90 oz

Hyacinth's Spilled Blood - 2.80 oz

Melon Berry Sorbet - 3.05 oz

Stamped note cards! (14/50)

I'm taking a break from fiber and fabric! While sorting through my stash of rubber stamps to decide what needs to go and what gets to stay, I ended up raiding my paper stash to make some note cards.

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