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Crochet Needles Galore!

I rescued these from a quaint thrift shop in Hartville, Ohio for 10 cents a pop! Not too long ago, it crossed my mind that that I should get on with learning how to crochet. A coincidence? Perhaps so.

All the way from Perth...

I am hooked on personal swaps! Check out the fabulous candy and awesome fabric I received from the lovely MT. Per usual, the fabrics will be hoarded, and the candy will be devoured in record time. In fact, two of the chocolate candy bars mysteriously vanished after the photoshoot. Hmmm.

Hello! Kitty!

Somehow, I never quite outgrew my fondness for Hello Kitty. I was pleased to meet M, a kindred soul who is equally infatuated with all things Hello Kitty. In one of our swaps, she surprised me with a Hello Kitty lamp!!! I knew at once that she could appreciate the fact that I have a Hello Kitty Shrinky Dinks Oven! Recently, I heard through the grapevine that she's having a rather rough time in life. Hopefully, this colourful Hello Kitty Pouch will brighten her day.

No Pattern? No Matter!

I wanted to make a purse that is kid-friendly, but not 'kiddish'. Before I started, I already had a pretty good visual (in my mind) of what it should look like! The dimensions for this little purse is 7 x 1 x 4 inches, and I hope it will be the perfect size for RY's daughter. Afterall, every little girl needs a purse!

Look! It has a magnetic snap, and it's lined too!!

Another Zipper Pouch

This one's for my spin buddy, RY. I adore this fabric! It's plush, and has embossed script all over it. RY mentioned that she loves the colour combination of black and gray, hence the detour from my usual preference for colourful fabrics!

Recycled Papercrafts

What's a gal to do with numerous rolls of used blueprints? The answer is obvious - make envelopes! There was the problem of figuring out how to seal the envelopes. Solution: I made my very first batch of envelope glue!

A Personal Purse Swap!

I made this purse for DN (another of my awesome swap partners), and I'm over the moon to learn that she likes it. Here's an excerpt of the lovely email I received from her today:

Quoted Message:
"I took the purse out shopping today. Complete strangers were asking me "Did you make your purse?" I was so proud to reply that it was a one of a kind, hand made bag, just for ME! the lady at the fabric counter even asked me "Where did you get that fabric?" I said "I don't know where the fabric is from, but the purse is a P****** P****, original". She said "P****?,May i see the tag?" I was stumped, only breifly and replied. "P****s don't need a tag, the quality speaks for itself!" I am so proud to carry this bag, I hope you understand how much I love it."

Do I Crochet?

Erm, no...I don't. Someday, I will learn how. For now, I am content to make crochet needle rolls for others. This is my very first attempt, and there will be no other like it because I winged it. That's's a OOAK, and just so for CD :)

Let's just say I have lots of zippers in my craft stash. Here's one that escaped from the bag and will be making its way to a good home...soon.

Fabric Goodies

Is there anything better than being a participant in an Ongoing Fabric Swap on Craftster? Yep, there is. Having an awesome partner (CC, you're fabulous!!) for an Ongoing Fabric Personal Swap!!! The theme for July is 'Japanese or Blue'. Check out the goodies I received:

My partner sent me a trio of Japanese fabrics, a DIY felt critters pack (stuffing not included!), and a reconned tape measure. Sweet!

Here's another shot of the tape measure. An embroidered sushi roll and a little chopsticks charm *drool*

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