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I think my swap partner pretty much nailed it with that rubber stamp image. Nuff said.

Matchbox Games

For one of my recent swaps, I had to fill a couple of matchboxes with tiny crafting supplies. Well, it's easier said than done! First, I had to locate the matchboxes. Most dining establishments have since decided to make their facilities smoke-free. Hence, they no longer give out pretty matchboxes. I found a package of ugly matchboxes and knew I had to do something about that (more on that in a bit). Next, I scrounged for some odds and ends in my craftroom. Not entirely satisfied, I hit the craft shops for more tiny bits (and also ended up purchasing 20 skeins of yarn...). After several attempts to figure out the best way to cram as much as possible into the teeny tiny matchboxes, voila!

There are buttons, sequins, ephemera, stamped and embossed images, brads, stickers, googly eyes, metal charms, beads, and what have you in there!

I tackled the 'ugly-matchbox-syndrome' by knitting a couple of matchbox cozies! It was a great way to utilize leftover scraps of yummy yarn, and the matchboxes are no longer n-a-k-e-d! Problem solved!

A Mini Tote...

Yet another wonderful swap item from one of my partners. I love corduroys! The teal and brown dotty cotton fabric complements the nubby brown cord perfectly! I've decided that it will be my new knitting tote for small WIPs.

Zip It!

For one of my Craftster swaps, the recipient requested zipper bags in various sizes to help her get organized. As Queen of 250 odd zippers, I was more than pleased to grant her wish!

For unmentionables (aka lingerie):

For change and what not:

For pens and pencils:

For make-up:

For crafting supplies:

For whatever else I might have not covered:

Red! Red! Red!

*squeal* I received the bestest (is that a word?!?) swap package from my favourite personal swapper, CC! Back in January, she suggested a Red/VD theme for February (for obvious reasons). Check out the cuties she spoiled me with:

When CC received the package I sent, she sent me an email to warn me that I'm gonna do a double take when I received her package. Boy was she right! I sent her a needlebook too! Her take on a needlebook is wonderful! I love the random quilted look!!

CC always sends me a bunch of extras in our swaps, just so because she's a sweetie. I know she's nuts about rick rack, but where in the world did she find a gift bag with a rick rack design?!?

Thanks for another terrific swap, CC!

Craftster FQ Swap

What's better than a craft swap? Duh. A fabric swap! I received a stack of cool FQs (and a couple of extras) from my wonderful swap partner. Fabric! Fabric! Fabric! *chants*

Yeah, I know. I have a fabric problem.

Fabulous Reds Or VD Swap!

CC sent me an email to let me know that she has received this month's package of fabric goodies for our personal fabric swap! Here's the stack of red pretties I picked out for her:

For this month's small crafted item, I issued the challenge of trying to come up with something that measures less than 4" by 4". It sounded like a brilliant idea, but it took me awhile to figure out something that meets that standard. Voila. I present, the needlebook. In my mind, it was the perfect thing to craft for CC because she's a talented quilter!

My buddy, MC, hosted a VD swap over at her bloggy not too long ago. She paired me up with her wonderful daughter, Babygator. We had a blast with the swap :) I received an awesome swap package, squealed in excitement, thanked my partner, mailed out my partner's swap package, consumed the yummy candy, yada yada yada. Somewhere along the line, I took pictures and forgot to post them! Better late than never, I gather *rueful* Babygator sent me a Noodle pillow (again, the dork in me had to Google that because I'm clueless...), the cutest little notepad, Swiss chocolate, panda socks (which I will share with my sister), a microfiber rag (however did she know that I needed one??), and a hat she knitted. Wow. I feel utterly spoiled!

Burp! *blush*

I really have no business, whatsoever, sewing burp cloths *mutter* Have I ever seen one up close in real life? Nope. Do I know the standard dimensions for a burp cloth? Nope. Was I of sound mind when my sister asked me to sew a bunch of girly themed burp cloths for my niece? Heck no!

I Googled 'burp cloths' and found some which measured 18" by 12". That's what I used for the ones I sewed. If you're falling out of your chair, laughing because my burp cloths are ridiculously small, or too dang big...well, I'm glad you found it hilarious.

OWS 19 Swap Goodies: Part I

Check out the contents of the swap package that I found on my doorstep this evening!!!

First up, an adorable crocheted dolly for my niece, S! It comes with three outfits!

And for me, there was the cutest little monster wristlet!

Wow. My swap partner rocks!

Where's the champagne?

Oooh. Done!!! Here's one last look at the guts of the tote:

Vital Stats of Totey-Tote:

* 100% cotton fabrics used for shell and lining
* Measurements: L = 17", W = 2", H = 13"
* Two interior pockets
* Magnetic snap closure

Trying Hard Not To Cuss...

Valid reasons for uttering curses while crafting:

* Pinpricks that draw blood
* Tripping over Ulla's cords
* Having to unpick stitches for the umpteenth time
* Realizing you just consumed the last can of soda in the box

I did make some progress though! Check out the pictures!!

That's right folks. I should be done in another hour *toes crossed*

All Cut Up...

Good heavens. Since I'm not using a pattern, I had to figure out all the dimensions for the bits and pieces in the tote. That's too much math for a Saturday afternoon *mutter* Here's what I ended up with:

* Exterior - 18" x 28"
* Stabilizer - 18" x 28"
* Felt - 18" x 28"
* Interior I - 18" x 3.5"
* Interior II - 18" x 22"
* Strap Exterior - 20" x 3"
* Strap Interior - 20" x 2"
* Strap Stabilizer - 20" x 3"
* Pocket - 9.5" x 6"

That's a grand total of thirteen pieces. Oy vey. Anyhow, looks like I'm not the only one that's getting a little cranky. Look at that face! He just woke up from his nap!

Ready, Set, Panic!

BTW, MC's bloggy may be viewed here!!! Her fabric choices are awesome :)

Here's what I'm trying to make:

Here's my workspace:

And last but not least, the ingredients for today's project!

I think I did a rather decent job on matching the fabrics, no?

Online Sewing Session!

Yep. With my friend, MC, who lives in Texas :) We'll be working on totes this afternoon!!! It'll be fun to monitor each other's progress as we sew. Alright. I can't lie. I coerced MC into doing this because I needed someone to keep me on track! MC, you're a peach!

Stay tuned...

January's Personal Fabric Swap

Back in December, CC and myself decided on a Black and White theme for January's swap. It was quite a challenge for me since I had less than 2 weeks to work on her swap package (yep, that's how much time I had between my Portland and Vegas trips). While I was in Portland, I came across a cute little drawstring pouch that was on display in a local craft shop. It looked fairly simple to do! Hence, I was inspired to make my interpretation of it for CC:

Well, here are my selections of black and white fabrics. Along with the fabrics, I decided that CC needed to have a sewing-themed charm bracelet! I came across these charms (sewing machine, thimble, scissors and spool of thread) while I was in Portland, and they're simply adorable!

Last but not least, I had to send along another piece of fabric (though it's not part of the black and white theme) that I purchased for CC while I was in Portland! Anyone who knows CC well, will agree that she's extremely fond of making quilts :)

Edited to add more pictures, courtesy of CC (because I'm all thumbs with the camera!)

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