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Matchbox Games

For one of my recent swaps, I had to fill a couple of matchboxes with tiny crafting supplies. Well, it's easier said than done! First, I had to locate the matchboxes. Most dining establishments have since decided to make their facilities smoke-free. Hence, they no longer give out pretty matchboxes. I found a package of ugly matchboxes and knew I had to do something about that (more on that in a bit). Next, I scrounged for some odds and ends in my craftroom. Not entirely satisfied, I hit the craft shops for more tiny bits (and also ended up purchasing 20 skeins of yarn...). After several attempts to figure out the best way to cram as much as possible into the teeny tiny matchboxes, voila!

There are buttons, sequins, ephemera, stamped and embossed images, brads, stickers, googly eyes, metal charms, beads, and what have you in there!

I tackled the 'ugly-matchbox-syndrome' by knitting a couple of matchbox cozies! It was a great way to utilize leftover scraps of yummy yarn, and the matchboxes are no longer n-a-k-e-d! Problem solved!


  1. Carol said...
    Knitted matchbook cozies.
    Wow. You're good.
    loves2experiment said...
    Thanks :) Knitting the little matchbox cozies had me thinking about another little project that I wanna try!

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