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Bloggy Swap With Valentine's Day Theme...

My buddy, MC, hosted a VD swap over at her bloggy not too long ago. She paired me up with her wonderful daughter, Babygator. We had a blast with the swap :) I received an awesome swap package, squealed in excitement, thanked my partner, mailed out my partner's swap package, consumed the yummy candy, yada yada yada. Somewhere along the line, I took pictures and forgot to post them! Better late than never, I gather *rueful* Babygator sent me a Noodle pillow (again, the dork in me had to Google that because I'm clueless...), the cutest little notepad, Swiss chocolate, panda socks (which I will share with my sister), a microfiber rag (however did she know that I needed one??), and a hat she knitted. Wow. I feel utterly spoiled!


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