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All Packaged...

And ready to be sent out to my friends (I'm not telling who!!!). If you'd like to try making these coasters, check out this tutorial.

Winter Swap Goodies

I received my Winter themed swap goodies from CC, and boy do I feel spoiled! In addition to fabrics, we usually throw in a couple of extra items for fun. Here's the group shot of what she sent me:

Gorgeous fabrics!

And hidden within the fabric stack, were these lovelies - awesome handmade cards, cool buttons, and a cute pillow to hang on the door knob!

In the penguin pail, I found a ceramic mug, a bag of homemade cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, chocolate, a matching tea towel, and a couple of snowmen doodads!!!

Thanks for the Winter goodies, CC! See ya in 2007!

I didn't have any cool Winter themed fabrics on hand to send out to CC! No worries. It was easy enough to hit the shops! As it turns out, there were loads to choose from. Here's the bundle I decided on for our swap:

Now, on to crafty madness. In some of our previous swaps, CC has muttered that I tend to go overboard. Whatever! That's simply not the case! I always have a blast crafting for her, and when one is inspired, God-knows-what happens. So there you have it. It's not my fault *grin* Enough rambling. Mindful of CC's comments, here's what I made her for our swap - a Winter themed tote! The combination of snowflakes and snowmen seemed to scream "Winter"! Hopefully, she'll find it useful for hauling her many wips!!!

More Japanese Craft Books!!!

These arrived in the mail today (courtesy of my friend, SL, who picked them up as a gift for me while she was in Japan)! The first book has all sorts of nifty patterns for making baby outfits and accessories. Check out the adorable shoe covers and shoe bags!

The second book features quilted and embroidered accessories...and you guessed it, pincushions!!!

Looks like I'll be spending lots of time with Ulla this winter!

An Apple For The Wee One...

It was decided (by my sis) that my niece, S, needs a fruit cap. After going through quite a few patterns, I finally settled on this one. It was the perfect project for a cold, blustery Saturday!

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