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A Giant Number 2, Please...

What my swap partner requested (from

What I came up with:



Name: Bellini

Nickname: Frenchielini

Height: 5.5 inches (head to feet measurement)

Birthplace: Provence, France

Favourite Colours: Lavender and Mint Green

Favourite Foods: Raw Veggies (especially radishes and carrots), Cupcakes and Cotton Candy

Likes: Playing In The Garden. Finger-painting. Listening To Classical Music. Hosting Tea Parties.

Dislikes: Bossy People. Math Homework. Sleeping Alone (there are monsters under the bed!)

Personality: Kind. Patient. Good-natured. Inquisitive.

Bellini moved to the United States when she was a wee bunny (her parents work in a research lab in Maryland). She is very sweet and eager to please. Her friends say that she’s generous to fault, and extremely loyal too! When she’s sad, a hug always cheers her up.

Warning: Due to her inquisitive nature, Bellini tends to get into trouble even when she’s trying to be good!

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