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Knitting WIP...

I don't usually post pictures of my knitting WIPs. Mostly because I'm a monogamous knitter, and also because I tend to work on smallish projects that knit up quickly. Having said that, I've been crafting up a storm lately (sewing and papercrafts) and my knitting is not prgressing as fast as I would like it to *sigh*

Here's my current project, a cherry leaf scarf using a Knit Picks yarn in garnet heather. I hope I finish this in 2007!

Zippers and Fabric

I'm destashing! I'm destashing!!

Dyeing Experiments IV

A couple more hanks of dyed roving...made for the STS swap. The first one is a wool/silk blend, while the second is a polypay wool!

Chocolate Cherry

Strawberry Taffy

Here Kitty, Kitty...





Note: Kitty Weed (aka catnip) is very addictive! Use only as directed!

Hello Kitty Love...

It's no secret that I love Hello Kitty (HK) themed items! While I've gotten over the urge to buy everything that has HK on it (Hello? Mortgage payments?!?), I still succumb to the occasional temptation. Ya know what beats commercially produced HK items? Hand-crafted HK items!!! Woot! Not so long ago, the wonderful MC sent me a lovely hand decorated HK box and I adore it! There were a bunch of other nifty goodies in it as well, but I really, really, love the box. Thanks for making my day, MC!

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