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4 x 6 art

No specific themes. No limits on media or techniques. No idea who you're sending it off to. Totally random. The only requirement is that the finished art piece (11 of 50) should measure in at 4 inches x 6 inches. I used acrylics, inks, acetate and dyes on my piece. I hope whoever receives it will love the abstract nature of the piece.

Subversive Embroidery

I'm a knitter. And I love it. This freehand embroidered piece (10 of 50) is for a mod partner that loves to crochet, knows how to knit...but has issues with knitting. I hope she finds it funny!

Project bag

Simple but effective. It's a drawstring bag (9 of 50) for storing yarnie wips.


Filled with a knitting project...

One cable mitts

Free pattern provided by the lovely folks over at Blue Sky Alpacas. I love the clean look of the single cable pattern. This pair of mitts (8 of 50) was made with Washable Ewe, a 100% superwash wool yarn in the dragonfly colorway. Gorgeous color! I will be buying more of this for my stash...erm, I mean I will be looking for more patterns that can utilize this yarn so that I can buy gobs of it!

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