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Fabric in the Mail!!!

Round 4 for the Ongoing Fabric Swap has commenced!!! Whoop!!!

Here are a couple of lovely FQs from California:

September: Food or Yellow

The theme for the third installment of the ongoing personal fabric swap is "Food or Yellow". My original plan was to have everything completed during Labour Day weekend, but that didn't pan out. After a productive weekend, here's the whole shebang:

Looky, a boxy cosmetic pouch!! I used this tutorial as a guide but made several modifications to it. My version is lined (because I am finicky about unfinished interiors) and I omitted the straps. I had a helluva time finagling with the lining. In retrospect, I now know why they leave these pouches unlined!

From my previous swaps with CC, I found out that she has a thing for sushi-themed items (even though she doesn't actually eat sushi!!). Hence, I'm feeding that addiction with a wee sushi pouch.

The pink and blue cherry floral print is an added bonus (in addition to our usual fabric swap). She has been super patient and good about waiting for her swap package :) Can you spot the token yellow food themed fabric?

September's Swap *squeal*

The theme for September is "Food or Yellow", and I do believe that CC has outdone herself! She sent me a wonderful selection of food-themed fabrics!!! In her note, she indicated that she was worried that I might not like the kitschy fabrics she sent. Silly girl. There's 'good kitsch' and 'bad kitsch'...and the fab fabrics she sent definitely belong in the 'good kitsch' group!

In addition to the lovely fabrics, she also sent me a sweet cherry-themed pouch, a matching Kleenex holder, a rad cherry key fob, food-themed charms, and a couple of sweet treats. I love it all! Now, I can't wait for her to see the goodies I've crafted for her!

A Bunch of Notecards

While searching through my stationery box, I was annoyed to find out that I was all out of thank you cards! Rather than making a trip to the shops, I decided to craft a few all occasion cards. I also made a bunch of tags on coloured paper ('Happy Birthday!', 'Thank You', 'How Ya Doin'?', 'A Gift For You', etc.). The next time I need a card, all I gotta do is stick the tag on the pre-made cards, and voila, I have a card for my recipient!

Pant, Pant, Pant...Pantas!

What a kerfuffle. For my personal swap with LG, I agreed to knit a couple of pantas for her and her daugher, S. After a frantic week of knitting and seaming up the edges, I realized that they looked awfully small! As it turns out, the measurements were wrong! Oy. The luscious mango coloured microfiber panta is for LG, and the soft pink panta is for S.

KnitPicks Yarn!!!

Joy! My very first order from KnitPicks arrived this afternoon! The yarns were purchased for half a dozen pantas and a couple of lace stoles. I also ordered a pair of #3 nickel-plated brass circulars for the lace projects. This should keep me busy for awhile!

Here, Kitty Kitty Kitty!

When SL was in Japan for a business trip, she bought a bunch kitty pouches. Here's one she sent to me. It's adorable!

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