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September: Food or Yellow

The theme for the third installment of the ongoing personal fabric swap is "Food or Yellow". My original plan was to have everything completed during Labour Day weekend, but that didn't pan out. After a productive weekend, here's the whole shebang:

Looky, a boxy cosmetic pouch!! I used this tutorial as a guide but made several modifications to it. My version is lined (because I am finicky about unfinished interiors) and I omitted the straps. I had a helluva time finagling with the lining. In retrospect, I now know why they leave these pouches unlined!

From my previous swaps with CC, I found out that she has a thing for sushi-themed items (even though she doesn't actually eat sushi!!). Hence, I'm feeding that addiction with a wee sushi pouch.

The pink and blue cherry floral print is an added bonus (in addition to our usual fabric swap). She has been super patient and good about waiting for her swap package :) Can you spot the token yellow food themed fabric?


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