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Fused Shrinky Pendants...

I've been meaning to experiment with the fusing technique for ages. Now that I have, I must admit it's brilliant! The finished pieces looks like faux fused glass pendants!! And the great thing about it is that the pieces are not as prone to chips or cracks when dropped :o)

Shrinky Pendants!!!

I've been busy experimenting with polystyrene sheets *glee*

More Spun Goodies...

Just call me a spinning fool! Lately, I've been spending more time with my drop spindle than I really should. These are the orange and green batts! Four down...all that's left is the blue batt (it'll be my favourite, I think)!

Mixed Batts!

In April, I received five wonderful mixed fiber batts to create art yarn. So far, I've worked on the red and yellow batts...and I'm halfway done with the orange batt, but here's a picture of the batts before I started spinning them:

* Red Batt (white seacell, black merino, red acrylic, pink suri alpaca locks, firestar, angelina, tinsel, mylar shred, handspun)

* Orange Batt (white merino/bamboo, black/pumpkin merino, orange shetland, orange silk, angelina, firestar, cotswold curls, tinsel)

* Yellow Batt (white cotton, natural black llama, angelina, yellow cotswold, yellow sari silk, tinsel, firestar)

* Green Batt (white mohair locks, natural black wool, white recycled soda bottle, angelina, firestar, cotswold curls)

* Blue Batt (white-indigo blend, black wool/mohair, black nylon, light blue merino, two tone blue mystery locks, angelina, sparkle)

Puzzle Shaped Crayons...

This will be a one of! *sigh* The pigments in the crayons stained the mold pretty badly, so making another batch is out of the question!

Cupcakes, Goodness Gracious!

Made for my swap partner, who loves all things pink and cupcakes! The little cupcake charms are made with shrinky dinks (drawn with Sharpies).

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