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Halloween! How I love thee. Tricks, treats (candy, candy, candy) and fanciful spookiness. And speaking of tricks, we have tarot cards! For this batch of chunky houses (33 of 50), I incorporated three-card-tarot readings for each house...purely for entertainment value, of course.

And this particular chunky house is the odd one in the bunch. Nary a tarot card card in sight but an ominous crow...waiting to make mischief, no doubt.

Holy Canoli...

What a mess! That's the current state of my craft table...glue, paper, scissors, markers, paper, ink, miscellaneous tools, paper, gel medium, pens, did I mention paper?

It may be hard to figure out what I'm working on right now, but here's a close-up!

Chunky Halloween Houses!!! Yay!

Mixed-media collage art book (32 of 50) made for LM in the One Tiny Book swap.

First pair of toe-ups...

Started this today with a delish black/blue/grey bamboo and wool blend yarn! It's my first pair of toe-ups and I used a modified version of the figure 8 cast-on which promises a seamless sock with no need for grafting (dangit...just when I've almost mastered the art of grafting with the last 4 pairs of socks).

As I continue my journey in knitting socks, my game plan is to try out as many variations as possible (different cast-on methods, toe-up, cuff-down, different heels, etc.). I'm not in search of a 'favourite method' for knitting socks, much preferring to enjoy the process of learning the different options for sock construction.

Confessions of a yarn wh*re...

I figured since I've been knitting, I deserve more yarn. Right? Right...

15 skeins of handpainted merino in fingering weight from Cherry Tree Hill

20 skeins of mostly bamboo/wool in fingering weight

I see quite a bit of socks and shawlettes in my future knitting endeavours!

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