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Angel Package...

For someone who was flaked on.

One of the joys of swapping, is the nervous anticipation of finding out if your swap partner likes everything that you worked on. It must be awful, never to know if your crafted goods were well-received. Hopefully, AGS will like the stuff I've made for her! It's a rather odd assortment of items, but everything is based on her wists.

Handspun Yarn

Yarn Dyeing Kit


Button Rings

Button Pendant

Sleep Mask

Eye Pincushion

Matchboxes of Whimsies (oh, some buttons and so much more!)

What to do with scraps...

Why, patchwork...of course! I had some pretty scraps left over from the mini messenger bag, and I found a plain journal that I bought a couple of summers back. Voila!

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