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Blue Sky ATC - Bristol board, cotton quilting fabric, corduroy fabric, cotton/poly thread, chalk.

Olive U ATC - Bristol board, markers, watercolours, pigment ink, chalk, pen.

Dear Santa...

To be honest, I haven't been all that well-behaved in 2009. Instead of destashing my craft supplies per my new year's resolution, I've been on a paper and rubber stamps buying spree. In fact, I've also fallen off the wagon and brought home fiber, yarn and fabric when I wasn't supposed to *grin* If you feel like granting a few of my crafty wishes, I promise I'll try to do better in 2010!

Wishes, wishes, wishes
* Chemistry themed items (for my inner geek)
* Handbound journals (because I've yet to learn how to bookbind)
* Handspun yarns & hand dyed fibers (there's always room for fiber & yarn)
* Bracelets / Earrings (simple, classic styles)
* Art for my craftroom (anything goes!)
* Bento accessories (because I'm trying hard to stay away from fast food)
* Plush animals (cute/quirky)
* Anything is scented with lavender (love the medicinal scent of lavender!!)
* Knitted or Crocheted lace items
* Anything that is made by you!

NOTE: This is not a typical post in my craft's for the STS secret swap on Craftster. I hope my partner finds the list somewhat helpful :)

Yep. I finished the "Shag" scarf (from Lynne Barr's Knitting New Scarves) a lot faster than anticipated. Once I figured out the pattern, it was simply a repeated series of stitches. Mindless, really. I love how it turned out though!

Over the weekend, I bought another knitting book to add to my stash of craft p*rn. Reversible Knitting, also by Lynne Barr, has all kinds of cool stitches in it.

Some reviewers have complained that the stitch patterns in her book are a) not for the beginner knitter and b) not truly reversible. Honestly, I do agree with both evaluations. But meh, I'm looking for interesting geometric stitch patterns, and Lynne Barr delivers. So all is well in my world! Now I need to decide which project I should tackle first *glee*

3 ATCs

Матрёшка/Matryoshka ATC - Bristol board, Russian text, origami paper, cardstock, chalk, markers, pigment ink, pen.

The Good Mould:Penicillium notatum ATC - Bristol board, SEM image, glazing medium, copper tape, markers.

Ida Saxton McKinley Crochets ATC - Bristol board, lace piece, markers, chalk ink, pigment ink, repro photo.

Finished the mini shrug, oh awhile ago, but never got around to wearing it or taking pictures of it! It was wear-a-shrug weather this past Monday, so voila!

Now that the shrug's done, I'm working on a scarf from this book:

I quite like the patterns in this book!

Two new ATCs...

Sushi ATC - watercolours, page from a Japanese book, menu from sushi bar, 120# watercolour paper, chalk, pigment ink, markers.

Mixed Media ATC - Tyvek, page from Japanese book, metal brad, paper towel, vellum, silk thread, paper scraps, watercolours, 120# watercolour paper, chalk, pigment ink.

My colourist is crafty!

A, my colourist, did a fabulous job on my latest experiment with hair colour. Depending on the lighting, the highlights are either ultraviolet or a brilliant blue. Me likes!

First Attempt At ATCs

These measure approx. 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches, and they're pop-up ATCs with a Halloween theme!

The Raven - Based on Edgar Allen Poe's poem, the background is an excerpt of the poem and the wing flap of the raven hides the quote "Quoth the Raven. "Nevermore.""

Mr. Bones - Skeleton with a few articulated joints that extends beyond the 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches format when expanded.

Haunted House - A transformation style (pull-tab) of paper engineering with day glo and night time contrast.

Pumpkin Boo - Another pull-tab featuring a combination of two popular halloween icons!

Trick or Treat - Volvelle paper engineering with a cut-out window to highlight trick and treat options.

Little Ghouls - My favourite halloween-themed much so that I had to figure out a way to use this in an ATC!

Drawstring bags...

I never seem to tire of making these. These bags are quick to make, and perfect for destashing bits of patterned fabric (leftover from other projects?) that I can't bear to throw away!

A mini shrug for moi!

The weather is getting cooler, but I'm not quite ready to give up my tanks and summer frocks just yet. After an extensive search on Ravelry, I've decided that I quite like this pattern! So I figured a new shrug would be the way to go, and that's what I'm working on right now!

Sock completed...

Yes, sock. There will not be a second one in the making because I miscalculated and this sock turned out bigger than I would like it to be. Having said that, it was good practice for future adventures in sock making!!

Beginnings of a sock

I finally started on a tubular sock that I've been meaning to knit for the past couple of, erm...years.

Let's hope I'll get around to finishing said sock, and that I'll be challenged to make another one to complete the pair!!

More Inchies

For another round of inchie trading :)

Ticket To...

1 <3 Seuss

Not So Square

Lost In Translation

Inked On Text

Inchie Stamps

Flower Power

Cute As A Button

Last Days Of Summer Outfit...

For the not-so-wee niece who is not-quite-three. I came across a pattern on Ravelry (ref. The Two Summer Sundress) that intrigued me - a quickie sundress that required a little bit of knitting, and a little bit of sewing.

Somehow, the dress looked like it needed something else to go along with it. So voila, a headband made with this pattern. It turned out pretty cute, which means I might have to make some for myself using the adult-sized pattern!

Chunky Inchie Tea Houses

For this batch of chunky houses, I decided on a tea theme but also wanted to incorporate a bunch of inchies in the design, so

Chunky House + Tea Theme + Inchies = Chunky Inchie Tea Houses!

Looky! The chimney bit is detachable! Whatever might ask. And what's with the silly bit of string?

Yep. The back of each house has a faux teabag attached to it!

Close-up of tea tag. It's a stamp I recently acquired, and I can see myself using it quite a bit for future projects!!

And under one of those 4 inchies on the front of the houses (yes, it's the one with a photo anchor), there's a tea-related quote :)

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