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Chunky Inchie Tea Houses

For this batch of chunky houses, I decided on a tea theme but also wanted to incorporate a bunch of inchies in the design, so

Chunky House + Tea Theme + Inchies = Chunky Inchie Tea Houses!

Looky! The chimney bit is detachable! Whatever might ask. And what's with the silly bit of string?

Yep. The back of each house has a faux teabag attached to it!

Close-up of tea tag. It's a stamp I recently acquired, and I can see myself using it quite a bit for future projects!!

And under one of those 4 inchies on the front of the houses (yes, it's the one with a photo anchor), there's a tea-related quote :)


  1. Sarah said...
    Those are great! I am in awe. You added so many wonderful details!
    Fidget said...
    Such lovely details. I noticed the photo anchor in the first picture and immediately wondered if the doors opened. Of course they do! It's L2E's work! And great score on the ink stamp. We could all use one of those. :o)

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