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Last year's splurge...

A trip out West inevitably translates to a shopping spree of sorts. I figured I might as well stock up on things that aren't readily available at home.

Who can resist Japanese craft p*rn?!?

Yeah! My favourite craft magazines!

Something to help me beef up my knowledge about bookbinding!

I've pretty much limited my stamp purchases to cling stamps because they don't take up as much storage room as regular stamps. At least that's what I keep tellin' myself.

Adding to my collection of fabric inks and inks for altered art!

OMG yarn of 80% baby alpaca/20% bamboo in a neutral mustard shade. The moment I picked up this yarn, I couldn't stop, erm, fondling it. I also picked up some bamboo needles because I thought I might want to knit while I was on vacation....but that didn't happen.

Gobs of trim and a new ruler!!!

And then, there was fabric *sigh* Lots of fabric *embarrassed*

A canvas panel and waffle weave fabric

Fat quarters

1/2 yard cuts

1 yard cuts

2 yard cuts

2.5 yard cuts

5 yard cuts

I have some plans for the larger cuts of fabric (a kimono? some totes? pj pants? sarongs?) but the smaller cuts are "just because they're purdy" buys. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how much fabric I purchased, but I think I'd rather not know!

Crafty resolutions for 2010...

I don't usually bother with resolutions, but craft-related resolutions might be doable. So in random order, here goes...

#1 Use my craft books to create items (and not just for their craft p*rn value)!

#2 Destash. Destash. D-E-S-T-A-S-H.

#3 Make a conscious effort to curb impulse purchases of craft supplies.

#4 Make a list of Christmas projects right now!

#5 Start and finish at least 50 unique projects in 2010!

#6 Learn how to bind books. Properly.

#7 Find a charity or special needs group to craft for.

2010 is gonna be a fabulous start to a new decade!

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