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Finished the mini shrug, oh awhile ago, but never got around to wearing it or taking pictures of it! It was wear-a-shrug weather this past Monday, so voila!

Now that the shrug's done, I'm working on a scarf from this book:

I quite like the patterns in this book!

Two new ATCs...

Sushi ATC - watercolours, page from a Japanese book, menu from sushi bar, 120# watercolour paper, chalk, pigment ink, markers.

Mixed Media ATC - Tyvek, page from Japanese book, metal brad, paper towel, vellum, silk thread, paper scraps, watercolours, 120# watercolour paper, chalk, pigment ink.

My colourist is crafty!

A, my colourist, did a fabulous job on my latest experiment with hair colour. Depending on the lighting, the highlights are either ultraviolet or a brilliant blue. Me likes!

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