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In the laundy room...

One would usually find, erm...dirty laundry? This weekend, the room was filled with dyed fiber!

Apparently, quite a bit! The wonderful SH (i.e. my partner for the swap) and myself were obviously on the same wavelength!!

Here's what I sent her...

and here's what she sent me!

That's right. We both decided to send card wallets!! It's uncanny, no?

I need a hackle!

Yes, a hackle! Yet another fiber-related tool that I've realized that I need...erm, that I have a way to produce rovings!! After a bit of researching, I built one for $9, using this tutorial as a guide. It's not the prettiest thing, but it works!

I think my drum carder will be pleased to have someone to share her fiber processing workload!

Saturday Hijinks...

I took a one-on-one 4 hour grungeboard/paper class today and learned a few new tricks. Papercrafting is a new interest of mine, so I figured I should nurture it while it lasts! In the class (and for the class project), I worked on:

* Distressing
* Antiquing
* Photo transfering
* Crackle finishing

It was my first experience working with Tim Holtz's grungeboard, and I love this material! I haven't quite figured out what it is exactly, but something tells me it's a polymer blend of rubber and paper fibers *ponders*

Are great for making pretty little card cases! I needed a new card case, and decided to make a bunch to choose from.

A couple of obligatory close-up piccies of the the exterior and interior bits of the card cases! The case is wee, but comfortably holds ~ 10 debit/credit/gift-type cards.

And this is my pick! I love the colours and's sooo me!

As for the rest, I'm sure they'll find good homes with a few unsuspecting friends and STS swappers!

Sewn for STS 27...

Because I'm making an effort to be a good swapper in the current round of the STS swap! Both bags are experiments - inspiration for these came from a couple of catalogs and doodles. As always, I'd rather draft a pattern than use a ready-made pattern!

Mini Batches of Dyed Fiber II

Another dye job! Clockwise from top, I named these mini batches Swamp Monster, Bell Pepper, Sea Nymph and Bruised Ego.

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