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Summer/Fall Purse

A quick sewing project to fill the void for a Summer/Fall accessory. The exterior fabric (a mere FQ) was received in a personal swap...many moons ago. Couldn't figure out what to make with it...until now. I think I will enjoy toting this around!

Still Dyeing...

Or rather these mill end rovings were dyed months ago...and I forgot about them *embarrassed* Somehow, they got lost in my evergrowing stash of fibers while I was trying to reorganize things in the craft closet.

Blue Skies - 1.95 oz

Fairy Princess - 1 oz

Limeade Popsicle - 1 oz

Olives Tapenade - 3.35 oz

Summer Days - 2.05 oz

Still Spinning...

Just way late with pictures *sigh*

Biggest skein so far - Approx. 3 oz of fingering weight Alpaca yarn!

Berry Lemonade - Sport weight Corn Silk yarn.

Cotton Candy - Light worsted Wool yarn.

Grape Berry - Light worsted Polypay Wool yarn.

Taste the Rainbow - Lace weight Mohair/Wool blend yarn.

Twilight Blue - Light worsted Wool yarn.

Still Carving...

And it's a stamp based on original artwork that was drawn by the person I carved it for. Yep, it's koi!

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