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Inchies A thru Z

For the Alphabet Inchies Swap! Somehow, I got myself placed in the "Naughty" group, so there's a bit of, erm, a mature theme to some of the inchies.

CM's Inchies - D, J, P, V

DN's Inchies - C, I, O, U

CY'S Inchies - F, L, R, X

NK's Inchies - A, G, M, S, Y

AL's Inchies - B, H, N, T, Z

HS's Inchies - E, K, Q, W

And here are a few inchies that were made as I was racking my brain for suitable themes for the alphabet inchies swap :)

ATCs for March

Three ATCs for the Ongoing ATC Swap!

Birdie Zentangle - Bristol board, gel pen.

Language Cogs - Chalk ink, pigment ink, pages from foreign language books.

Hussy's Kisses - Aluminium foil, computer printout label, scrapbooking paper, chalk ink.

Dyeing in the oven...

I do most of my fiber dyeing either via the microwave method or via the steamer method. One of the gals mentioned something about dyeing fiber in the oven (5/50) and of course, I had to try it. Love the method, love the results. I now have another way to colour my fiber! This batch of soft squishy merino roving is mostly for a swap, but I also kept a 4 oz piece to play with.



Project bags and kiwis...

Made a bunch of project bags (4/50) for holding a variety of smallish WIPs...some for swaps, some to give away, and a couple for myself. Keeping in line with my goal to do something with my rather significant fabric stash, I managed to use up about 3 yards of fabric for these! Awesome! Most of the lot managed to skip town before the camera was found...but here are a few that stayed put.

And in other news, my lovely swap partner, SC (whom I sent a trio of project bags to) made me a couple of kiwi stuffies! Love, love, love them. The brown one has a bit of dried lavender stuffed in his erm, tushie (which oddly smells divine) and the bright and colourful kiwi has a glow-in-the-dark stick of a beak! They make quite the handsome couple, no?

Cincinnati Crafty Weekend...

As usual, I slacked off in the picture-taking department...but I had a blast meeting up with CD (a fellow crafter I've corresponded with for the past 5 years or so!) for a weekend filled with good conversations, dubious food, neat finds and c-r-a-f-t-i-n-g. Yes, crafting!

After a wee bit of dodgy furniture moving from my room, down the hallway to CD's room, we had ourselves a lovely work space for papercrafting (check out CD's awesome blog for erm, the incriminating pictures). We worked on ATCs, inchies, and I started on a couple of possibilities for chunky houses...but we had the most fun coming up with themes for the inchies. CD kindly offered to help me out with a swap assignment (though I felt guilty enough when I got home to realise I need to get them done myself :P) here are the inchies we made:

CD, the prolific inchie-maker's masterpieces:

My meager number of inchies:

And of course, we thought it would be fun to do a collaboration of sorts, so here's my side...

and here's CD's side!

But that's not all! We also found time to work on some wrapped rings (erm, still looking for these because they seem to have gone a-hiding...) and my first punch needle embroidery project!! CD was an excellent teacher. Not only did I learn a few neat tricks about embroidery, I actually enjoyed embroidering! Unreal.

On to pictures of the finished project. Yes, I love me some shroom! The bright colours make it a cheerful piece, and the bobbles and rick-rack (which I happened to have in my stash) seemed to be the perfect finish for the tin.

My Shadow.

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