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Magic Yarn Ball Swap

Hurrah! My partner, CB, has received my swap package!!! For this swap, I purchased a hank of yarn (in her favourite colours) for a one-skein project and hid all sorts of crafted and store-bought items in it!

My partner, CB, indicated that she would like yarn for this pattern.

It was a blast crafting the 'smallish' items!

Exterior, Close-up, and Interior of the Embroidered Pouch:

Mini Pincushion:

Swarovski Crystal Earrings:

Shrinky Dinks Charms (featuring Skulls, Abstract Floral Print and Sushi):

Wooden Dowel Knitting Needles:

Dragonfly Stitch Markers

I had tremendous fun shopping for other non-crafted items to include in the ball of yarn. Obviously, I wasn't thinking too clearly when I bought the items! Hence, I had a helluva time trying to hide them in the yarn.


Craft-related items:

Other miscellaneous items I felt compelled to purchase and send her way:

And voila! The end result is a hefty yarn ball that weighs about 2 lbs!!!

Stuff For the Wee Ones...

I don't have any wee ones, but I adore my nephew and my new niece to bits! A very sweet and generous RY knows that they mean the world to me, and she sent me the following items for them:

For Q, an adorable t-shirt that is perfect for him!

For S, she crafted a delicate silver and organza ribbon bracelet that spells her name!

In addition to the lovely things she sent the wee ones, she also sent me a piece of cool fabric. I feel thoroughly spoilt by her thoughtfulness!

This one's from Pennsylvania :) Gorgeous, ain't it?

Happy Mail: Parts One and Two!

You know you're having a good day when you find pieces of fabric in your mailbox!

From the UK:

From South Carolina:


I'm not quite sure what possessed me to make an attempt, but here it is.

Sketch of design:

Transfer of sketched design onto fabric:

Completed piece:

Close-up of wonky stitches:

Avon Does Crafts?

I found this during one of my trips to the local thrift shop. The pattern for the mouse is dated 1973!! If I ever get around to making it, I'll be sure to make a copy of the pattern before cutting the fabric! As for the letter set, I bought it solely for the designs on the paper.

Stitch Markers!

While browsing the wares in the bead shop, I spotted some fabulous polymer clay beads that were perfect for my stitch marker project. When I got home, it took me less than 15 minutes to assemble them. Easy Peasy!

A Very Geometric August...

For August's installment of our ongoing personal fabric swap, CC sent me a bunch of fantastic geometric-themed fabrics, zippers...and a wonderful surprise!

Here's the note (from CC) that came along with the cutie pie:

"I would like you to meet Polly Ghan. Polly is a lovely young kitten who adores geometry...some would even go so far as to call her a bit of a "math geek". That's ok though, she doesn't pay any attention to the name calling, she knows they are just jealous. Polly has been feeling a bit bored staying with me. She feels that she isn't challenged enough. I've tried bringing her to work with me but she finds the world of advertising and marketing to be quite dull. One day I was telling her about my friend that is a chemist - Well! You should have seen her eyes light up!! She begged and begged me to let her meet you and how could I refuse the little darling. I hope that you don't mind caring for her. Who knows. She may even put down the protractor and pick up a beaker (sp?). She won't be much trouble, I promise. She is very polite and well mannered.

P.S. Polly is very sensitive about not having any feet or a tail so please don't mention it."

There you have it. My very own geometry geek *swoon* CC, you're a peach! I promise to take good care of Ms. Polly Gahn!

Itty Bitty Lime Green Purse

Not too long ago, I made a child-size lime green purse for a little girl. Last night, I came across the scraps that were leftover from that project and decided that a miniature version was in order. Here's the tiny mite:

Geometric or Red

The theme for August's personal fabric swap is "Geometric or Red". In addition to the surprise fabric goodies that I'm sending to CC, I decided to whip up a pair of geometric earrings.

What's that on top of the package of fabric goodies?!? It's a tetrapocket!! Perfect for keeping in line with the geometric theme.

I chanced upon on a tutorial for making the tetrapockets and had a field day crafting a container for the earrings! Here's more pictures of the tetrapocket open, and closed.

Fabrics In My Mailbox!

Some people look for postcards in their mailbox. Not me. I look for fabrics.

From Texas:

From Australia:

You know you're a fabricolic when you make arrangements for side fabric swaps (in addition to regularly scheduled fabric swaps and personal fabric swaps). Here are the fabulous pieces I received from CC:

I love the vivid colours on the lantern fabric! For now, this piece will go into my "Asian Fabrics Box" until I can figure out what to do with it.

The "How To Get A Husband Fabric" is a hoot! This fabric is perfect for creating something special for SL. Here's a list of the sayings on the fabric:

* Show him that you adore children.
* Don't play the field! Concentrate on one man.
* Cook special dishes for him.
* Play hard to get, but not too hard!
* Show him that you love housework!
* Good Advice: Act bashful. Be cute. Be motherly.
* Warning: Don't be sulky. Avoid that boyish look. Don't be too sexy!
* Don't scold him if he takes a drink.
* If he is the generous type...grab him!
* When you meet his mother - smile!
* Don't be over-anxious!
* Don't argue. He is always right!

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