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A Very Geometric August...

For August's installment of our ongoing personal fabric swap, CC sent me a bunch of fantastic geometric-themed fabrics, zippers...and a wonderful surprise!

Here's the note (from CC) that came along with the cutie pie:

"I would like you to meet Polly Ghan. Polly is a lovely young kitten who adores geometry...some would even go so far as to call her a bit of a "math geek". That's ok though, she doesn't pay any attention to the name calling, she knows they are just jealous. Polly has been feeling a bit bored staying with me. She feels that she isn't challenged enough. I've tried bringing her to work with me but she finds the world of advertising and marketing to be quite dull. One day I was telling her about my friend that is a chemist - Well! You should have seen her eyes light up!! She begged and begged me to let her meet you and how could I refuse the little darling. I hope that you don't mind caring for her. Who knows. She may even put down the protractor and pick up a beaker (sp?). She won't be much trouble, I promise. She is very polite and well mannered.

P.S. Polly is very sensitive about not having any feet or a tail so please don't mention it."

There you have it. My very own geometry geek *swoon* CC, you're a peach! I promise to take good care of Ms. Polly Gahn!


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