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Another Fabric Swap (on the sly)...

You know you're a fabricolic when you make arrangements for side fabric swaps (in addition to regularly scheduled fabric swaps and personal fabric swaps). Here are the fabulous pieces I received from CC:

I love the vivid colours on the lantern fabric! For now, this piece will go into my "Asian Fabrics Box" until I can figure out what to do with it.

The "How To Get A Husband Fabric" is a hoot! This fabric is perfect for creating something special for SL. Here's a list of the sayings on the fabric:

* Show him that you adore children.
* Don't play the field! Concentrate on one man.
* Cook special dishes for him.
* Play hard to get, but not too hard!
* Show him that you love housework!
* Good Advice: Act bashful. Be cute. Be motherly.
* Warning: Don't be sulky. Avoid that boyish look. Don't be too sexy!
* Don't scold him if he takes a drink.
* If he is the generous type...grab him!
* When you meet his mother - smile!
* Don't be over-anxious!
* Don't argue. He is always right!


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