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Last Bits Of STS3

Oy vey *sigh* I'm seriously behind schedule!!!

Felt Mascots!

I love all things kawaii! One of my swap partners sent me a trio of felt mascots: Hazel the Hedgehog, Primrose the Squirrel and Sophie the Snail. They are three forest friends that like to hang out (by their favourite mushrooms) and snack on nuts and berries. They are adorable!!

More Swap Spoils From STS3


I've been blessed...again. Last week, I received another surprise package in the mail. This time round, from my friend CD. CD's forte is embroidery, but she also dabbles in other crafts. You'd never guess that the little box which houses a pincushion is just ordinary paper stained with food dyes. The little charms on that bracelet are items which are I love :) Each item was crafted with love and care, and that's priceless.

Let's say hi to Aoi (Blue) and Niiro (Red), shall we? Aoi was based on the Octopode Pandemonium pattern (with a few tiny modifications) and Niiro is a miniature version (using crochet thread) of my first attempt at amigurumi critters!

Mr. Octopus' Bio
Japanese Name: Aoi
English Name: Blue
Height: 6 inches (well, he's actually 5.5 inches, but he claims he's 6 inches tall)
Weight: More than an ounce
Birthplace: Japan
Favourite Food: Veggies and Protein Shakes (he's a bit of a health nut)
Likes: Traveling (to exotic destinations). Water Polo. Collecting Manga.
Dislikes: Shopping. Fast Food Joints. Rude People.
Personality: Very Shy. Always The Gentleman. Very Intelligent. Creature Of Habit.

Aoi has excellent multi-tasking skills and loves to solve puzzles. If you're ever in a bind, he's the one you should turn to for help!
Warning: He has neurotic tendencies!

Little Miss Shroom's Bio
Japanese Name: Niiro
English Name: Red
Height: 2 inches (yep, she's a shorty)
Weight: That's none of your business *glare*
Birthplace: Japan
Favourite Food: Sushi (not tako though!) and Lollipops
Likes: Dancing. Shopping. Posing For Pictures. Anything Uber-Girly.
Dislikes: Getting Dirty. Doing Household Chores. Confrontations.
Personality: Extrovert. Child-like Innocence. Peace-maker. Good Listener.

Niiro's usually the life of a party. When it comes to friendships, she's extremely loyal and giving!
Warning: She is emotionally fragile!

STS3 Goodies: Part I

Princess Batt - For future adventures in spinning!!

Bitty Bear - So that Lumi (the neon bunny) won't be all by his lonesome self!

Saturday's Craft Thrift Finds

An Assortment of New and Vintage Craft Patterns: $0.80

Knifty Knotty Set: 2.00

Industrial Spool of Chocolate Cotton: $1.00

Thrill of finding crafty supplies when you least expect it: Priceless

Handmade Goodies From Mama...

Along with the usual goodies in June's installment of Care-Packages-From-Mama, I found these pretties in the box!!! Woo! My mama's gettin' good at this :)

Houston, We Have...Sperm?

Oh dear. It looks like Mr. Superior has found his way into my home, courtesy of my friend, RY. He's cute, ain't he?

Good Golly, I've Spun It...

Remember the Sunrise Batt I mentioned a wee bit ago?

Well, it's no longer fluffy.

EDIT: I took it off the spindle!!

P. This evening, there were two boxes waiting for me on my front porch. One of which, contains the letter P:

Perhaps it's the hormones, or perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I wasn't feeling too good today. Once again, my friend MC managed to surprise me with something incredibly thoughtful. The decoupaged letter is perfect for me. Though you can't see it too clearly, there is a small plate at the base of the letter with the word 'Inspire'. There's also a layer of iridescent glitter on the surface!

Along with the letter P, came a bunch of confectionery and girly items. I haven't a clue as to why she sent me the package of goodies, but I am thankful and blessed to receive it.

This time round, it's for a personal swap with VC. In addition to the requested afghan crochet hooks and a candy surprise, my partner wanted something to hold her crochet doodads. I hope she likes it!

Last Batch Of STS2 Goodies...

These purchases are from the STS2 swap! Whee!

Tree Of Life Pendant:

Taggy Blankie:

Aqua Hand-dyed Merino Yarn:

Atlantic Batt:

Sunrise Batt:

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