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Mr. Octopus and Little Miss Shroom

Let's say hi to Aoi (Blue) and Niiro (Red), shall we? Aoi was based on the Octopode Pandemonium pattern (with a few tiny modifications) and Niiro is a miniature version (using crochet thread) of my first attempt at amigurumi critters!

Mr. Octopus' Bio
Japanese Name: Aoi
English Name: Blue
Height: 6 inches (well, he's actually 5.5 inches, but he claims he's 6 inches tall)
Weight: More than an ounce
Birthplace: Japan
Favourite Food: Veggies and Protein Shakes (he's a bit of a health nut)
Likes: Traveling (to exotic destinations). Water Polo. Collecting Manga.
Dislikes: Shopping. Fast Food Joints. Rude People.
Personality: Very Shy. Always The Gentleman. Very Intelligent. Creature Of Habit.

Aoi has excellent multi-tasking skills and loves to solve puzzles. If you're ever in a bind, he's the one you should turn to for help!
Warning: He has neurotic tendencies!

Little Miss Shroom's Bio
Japanese Name: Niiro
English Name: Red
Height: 2 inches (yep, she's a shorty)
Weight: That's none of your business *glare*
Birthplace: Japan
Favourite Food: Sushi (not tako though!) and Lollipops
Likes: Dancing. Shopping. Posing For Pictures. Anything Uber-Girly.
Dislikes: Getting Dirty. Doing Household Chores. Confrontations.
Personality: Extrovert. Child-like Innocence. Peace-maker. Good Listener.

Niiro's usually the life of a party. When it comes to friendships, she's extremely loyal and giving!
Warning: She is emotionally fragile!


  1. Princess of Everything (and then some) said...
    OMG! I love love love these!! Even more so with their stats!
    Carol said...
    you have totally mastered amigurumi....why am I not surprised?
    Hey p! How are you??? I love these guys, they are very cute!
    loves2experiment said...
    Thanks :)

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