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A bunch of mini books...

Simply bound by yours truly. My first proper foray into bookbinding (7/50)!!! This has been a work in progress for the past few weeks, god knows why...especially since the entire book binding process is far from tedious.

Individual pages folded, waiting to be stitched:

Stitched books sans covers:

Finished books with covers:

Close-up of one of my favs:

And the mixed paper pages in the book:

Now that I've had a bit of practice with the mini books, I think I'm ready to tackle some bigger ones *gulp*

Spin! Spin! Spin!

I've been sorting through my fiber stash and realized that I had better start spinning (or I won't have a justifiable excuse to buy more fiber when I go to the regional fiber show at the end of May)!! These were spun while trying to make a dent in my list of must-watch DVDs!

The One With No Name (domestic wool hand painted by CH)

Tide Pool (mill ends dyed by moi!)

Princess (superwash merino, milk fiber, nylon, and angelina blend by MM)

Frisky Kinky Flamboyant Sheep

The sheep inchie I made last week looked kinda lonely by itself. So voila! More sheep. Meet the entire herd (6/50)...

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