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A bunch of mini books...

Simply bound by yours truly. My first proper foray into bookbinding (7/50)!!! This has been a work in progress for the past few weeks, god knows why...especially since the entire book binding process is far from tedious.

Individual pages folded, waiting to be stitched:

Stitched books sans covers:

Finished books with covers:

Close-up of one of my favs:

And the mixed paper pages in the book:

Now that I've had a bit of practice with the mini books, I think I'm ready to tackle some bigger ones *gulp*


  1. Fidget said...
    Beautiful little mini books! You are so good at paper crafts. Did you use the tutorial I printed up for you? I found it very easy to follow. You did well with the covers - better than me. Did you glue the first page to the cover or attach some other way?
    loves2experiment said...
    The tutorial you printed for me was definitely helpful! I used the stitching diagram to help me figure out how to stitch the pages. As for the covers, I used other book sources I had on hand to figure things out...and I ended up using extra sheets of paper to attach the cover to the first page of the stitched booklet. Thanks so much for enabling me to learn a new craft!!

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