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Finished crochet scarf...

Another attempt at crochet. This was the class project for the crochet workshop held at last weekend's fiber festival. I'm not quite sure why I've always been intimidated by crochet...but I think I'm finally beginning to get over the fear of the hook!

Mini Batches of Dyed Fiber

Inspired by all the pretties that I saw at the fiber festival, I've been playing with my food-safe acid dyes again! This time round, my goal is to work on producing small batches (hmmm, about 1 oz or so for each colour) of dyed fiber for future drum carding experiments!

Lovely, lovely inchies...

from my swap partners! I need to figure out a creative way to display them!!

A day at the fiber festival...

BFL Oatmeal Wool Top, 100 g (Carriage House Woolens)

Jacob Grey Wool Top, 100 g (Carriage House Woolens)

BFL Dark Brown Roving, 10 oz (Black Locust Farm)

BFL Natural Lambs Wool, 7 oz (Black Locust Farm)

Left: BFL White Craft Wool, 6 oz (Black Locust Farm)
Right: BFL Grey Craft Wool, 4.7 oz (Black Locust Farm)

Dyed Mohair Locks, 4 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Cormo-Silk Roving, 2.4 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Dorset Roving, 2.3 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Dyed Mohair Roving, 3 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Purple Wool Roving, 2.8 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Blue/Green Roving, 3.9 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Brown/Yellow/Red Roving, 3.6 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Grey/Yellow/Red Roving, 4 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Yellow Multi Roving, 4.7 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Shades of Blue Roving, 1.5 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Shades of Green Roving, 2.15 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Washed Mohair Locks, 3.6 oz (The Black Sheep)

Washed/Picked Lincoln Long Wool, 2 lb (The Black Sheep)

Unwashed Fawn Llama Fiber, 2 oz (Berbig's Woods Llamas)

Unwashed Dark Grey Llama Fiber, 4 oz (Berbig's Woods Llamas)

Dyed Alpaca/Wool Roving, 4 oz (Jehovah Jireh Farms)

Icelandic/Alpaca Roving, 8.7 oz (Dream Weaver Fiber Arts)

Rosie/Silk Roving, 13.05 oz (Dream Weaver Fiber Arts)

CVM Roving, 4 oz (Valhalla Acres Fiber Farm)

Washed Scottish Blackface Fiber, 1 lb (Valhalla Acres Fiber Farm)

Dyed Alpaca Roving, 4 oz (Winding Creek Alpacas and Llamas)

All accounted for!!!

All that lovely fiber should keep me out of trouble for awhile! But what's that? Oh right, I also needed some yarn. The natural hues are awesome and I couldn't resist!

100% Wool Yarn, 3 lb

I've really, really wanted one for the longest time! A lovely drum carder was looking for a new home, so it came home with me. It's a decent-sized carder and it should comfortably produce 2 oz batts (or possibly 3 oz if I really push things). Ah, bliss!

My very first batt...made with mill ends and Scottish Blackface fibers!

Custom stamps and what nots...

It has been awhile since I've carved anything. Mostly because I'm lacking in inspiration and ideas on what to carve. The first two are custom requests from a fellow STSer, and the last two just felt right given my state of mind.

Random reason #64

...that I really, really need a drum carder. These gorgeous batts are a scrumptious blend of alpaca, wool and bamboo, made by the talented CH.

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