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A day at the fiber festival...

BFL Oatmeal Wool Top, 100 g (Carriage House Woolens)

Jacob Grey Wool Top, 100 g (Carriage House Woolens)

BFL Dark Brown Roving, 10 oz (Black Locust Farm)

BFL Natural Lambs Wool, 7 oz (Black Locust Farm)

Left: BFL White Craft Wool, 6 oz (Black Locust Farm)
Right: BFL Grey Craft Wool, 4.7 oz (Black Locust Farm)

Dyed Mohair Locks, 4 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Cormo-Silk Roving, 2.4 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Dorset Roving, 2.3 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Dyed Mohair Roving, 3 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Purple Wool Roving, 2.8 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Blue/Green Roving, 3.9 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Brown/Yellow/Red Roving, 3.6 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Grey/Yellow/Red Roving, 4 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Yellow Multi Roving, 4.7 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Shades of Blue Roving, 1.5 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Shades of Green Roving, 2.15 oz (Roundoak Fiber & Yarns)

Washed Mohair Locks, 3.6 oz (The Black Sheep)

Washed/Picked Lincoln Long Wool, 2 lb (The Black Sheep)

Unwashed Fawn Llama Fiber, 2 oz (Berbig's Woods Llamas)

Unwashed Dark Grey Llama Fiber, 4 oz (Berbig's Woods Llamas)

Dyed Alpaca/Wool Roving, 4 oz (Jehovah Jireh Farms)

Icelandic/Alpaca Roving, 8.7 oz (Dream Weaver Fiber Arts)

Rosie/Silk Roving, 13.05 oz (Dream Weaver Fiber Arts)

CVM Roving, 4 oz (Valhalla Acres Fiber Farm)

Washed Scottish Blackface Fiber, 1 lb (Valhalla Acres Fiber Farm)

Dyed Alpaca Roving, 4 oz (Winding Creek Alpacas and Llamas)

All accounted for!!!

All that lovely fiber should keep me out of trouble for awhile! But what's that? Oh right, I also needed some yarn. The natural hues are awesome and I couldn't resist!

100% Wool Yarn, 3 lb

I've really, really wanted one for the longest time! A lovely drum carder was looking for a new home, so it came home with me. It's a decent-sized carder and it should comfortably produce 2 oz batts (or possibly 3 oz if I really push things). Ah, bliss!

My very first batt...made with mill ends and Scottish Blackface fibers!


  1. Cheryl Knits said...
    holy cow!!! i am coming over to play!
    loves2experiment said...
    Come on over! I'm trying my darnest to reorganize my craftroom to make room for my fiber stashes...wanna help? :D

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