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Layers and layers of regular and glitter tulle. Very frou-frou and waaaaay too girly, in my opinion. It wasn't difficult to construct, and it'll definitely look better on the kiddo. Lying on the just doesn't look right to me. I was toying with the idea of adding a bow to it. Then again, the bow would probably look like s*** as the tutu makes it way to the West coast. Hence, I'm leaving it up to my sis to figure out what she wants to do to embellish the tutu. Thankfully, this is the last tutu I'll make in this lifetime!

Non-dishtowel Kid Aprons

One of my Craftster buddies, MC, very kindly sent me a link for constructing kid-sized aprons out of dish towels. Hmm. All it takes is a couple of dish towels, some trim, bias tape, and thread. How wonderful, non?

Nope. In my world, things are never easy peasy. I couldn't find any decent dishtowels that met my expectations. In my mind, I had a clear idea of how I wanted the aprons to turn out - they had to look like mini versions of cool aprons that adults ( would like to wear. Nothing kitschy, nothing that screams "I-Was-Once-A-Dishtowel"!!!

I ended up raiding my fabric stash and here's what I came up with. If the aprons are well received, there might be matching oven mitts to come.

Felt Hair Clippies

Oh yeah. More goodies for the wee niece. This time round, felt hair clippies!! Each clippie measures just about an inch or so. I wish I took the time to create templates for the embellishments, but I didn't. Hence, these will be OOAK clippies. Oh well. Now, all sorts of ideas are swirling in my head. More flowers? Definitely. Animals? Hmmm. A monkey or a panda might be cute. Huh. And perhaps more fruit-themed clippies!!! Oh, the possibilities!!!

Taggie Blankie

My sis requested a baby-friendly taggie blankie for my niece, S, and here's what I came up with. Based on my sister's description of what she wanted, I thought it was something I could do in an hour. Erm...right. Shopping for the right fabrics and ribbons/trims/whatnots took more than an hour. Cutting out the fabric pieces, trimming individual pieces of ribbon/trim/whatnot down to size, measuring the spacings between each piece and pinning the pieces took another two hours or so. The actual sewing bit was accomplished in about half an hour. I think I didn't too badly for my first (and last) attempt!

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