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Felt Hair Clippies

Oh yeah. More goodies for the wee niece. This time round, felt hair clippies!! Each clippie measures just about an inch or so. I wish I took the time to create templates for the embellishments, but I didn't. Hence, these will be OOAK clippies. Oh well. Now, all sorts of ideas are swirling in my head. More flowers? Definitely. Animals? Hmmm. A monkey or a panda might be cute. Huh. And perhaps more fruit-themed clippies!!! Oh, the possibilities!!!


  1. Princess of Everything (and then some) said...
    ~squeals~ OMG...they are wonderful! I can just imagine them on a tiny little head!!
    loves2experiment said...
    Gosh. You're in serious need of a grandchild (or two) to spoil :)

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