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Shopping bags gone wild...

It began with an innocent enough conversation about green practices...which led to a promise to make a couple of bags in non-girly colours that a guy would not be ashamed to use at the grocer's. Somewhere, somehow, 2 guy-friendly shopping bags grew to a grand total of 15 grocery bags *sheepish* The shopping bag pattern I used is an adaption of various patterns available online. Best of all, I like that it folds flat and is tucked away neatly...ready for my next shopping trip! I need to figure out what to do with the rest of the bags.

Chunky Houses...

Lately, all I seem to work on, are papercraft projects. Per usual, these are for a swap on Craftster.

Front view of all the chunky houses...

Back view of the chunky houses...

Close-up of "House of Blues"

Close-up of "Bloom"

Close-up of "Explore"

Close-up of "Birdie Home"

I liked the "Birdie Home" chunky house so much, that I had to make one for myself! Here's Birdie Home Deux!

And last but not least, a gratuitous shot of all five chunky houses, with real houses in the background :D

Inch by Inch

Yet another swap. 50 inchies were made for trade. I decided to pick 5 themes and have a field day with them.

1. Shakespearean Insult

2. Focal word

3. Inked

4. Patchwork

5. Doodles

Close-up of a few of my favourite inchies:

A quickie pincushion swap...

I haven't a clue as to why pincushions are so darn addictive. Seriously. You just can't make one and call it a day. Here's what I sewed for my swap partner, MB, for round 10 of a pincushion swap.

A simple pincushion that has shades of blue in it.

A black & white tetrahedron pincushion with button pins!

Close-up of button pins

The entire swap package (yes, with a bit of fabric thrown in for good measure...)

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