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Chunky Houses...

Lately, all I seem to work on, are papercraft projects. Per usual, these are for a swap on Craftster.

Front view of all the chunky houses...

Back view of the chunky houses...

Close-up of "House of Blues"

Close-up of "Bloom"

Close-up of "Explore"

Close-up of "Birdie Home"

I liked the "Birdie Home" chunky house so much, that I had to make one for myself! Here's Birdie Home Deux!

And last but not least, a gratuitous shot of all five chunky houses, with real houses in the background :D

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  1. Fidget said...
    Oh, how fun! I really like the explore house and Birdie II. I suppose one could make a village of houses into a short (very short) story. And wouldn't it be clever if you could have different sentences starting at different houses? Or, even rearrangable houses like magnet poetry?

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