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Fiber Swap!!

Life (for a fiber fiend) doesn't get much better than swapping for fiber!!! I took on two partners for a fiber swap and got to play with my drum carder and hackle! For VS, along with the fiber bits, I sent a bit of sewing as well...

Sea Nymph II (merino roving)

Masquerade (alpaca/wool batt)
Orleans (wool/silk batt)

Sea Glass (100% merino worsted weight yarn)

Drawstring Project Bags

And for MM, all I sent was fiber, and more fiber!

Flame I & Flame II (wool/angelina batts)

English Garden (alpaca/wool batt)

Purple Mist (dyed BFL pieces)

Crazy Roving (wool/firestar/mohair)

Raspberry (wool/nylon fingering weight yarn)

July's Installment of L2E's Baby Batts Club!
Summer Days I (wool batt)
Summer Days II (wool/alpaca batt)

Now that I'm done with the fiber for my partners, it's time to card more batts and make more rovings for me!!


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