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Name: Bellini

Nickname: Frenchielini

Height: 5.5 inches (head to feet measurement)

Birthplace: Provence, France

Favourite Colours: Lavender and Mint Green

Favourite Foods: Raw Veggies (especially radishes and carrots), Cupcakes and Cotton Candy

Likes: Playing In The Garden. Finger-painting. Listening To Classical Music. Hosting Tea Parties.

Dislikes: Bossy People. Math Homework. Sleeping Alone (there are monsters under the bed!)

Personality: Kind. Patient. Good-natured. Inquisitive.

Bellini moved to the United States when she was a wee bunny (her parents work in a research lab in Maryland). She is very sweet and eager to please. Her friends say that she’s generous to fault, and extremely loyal too! When she’s sad, a hug always cheers her up.

Warning: Due to her inquisitive nature, Bellini tends to get into trouble even when she’s trying to be good!


  1. Princess of Everything (and then some) said...
    She is ADORABLE loves...just adorable!!

    *snickers at her liking cotton candy*
    Carol said...
    Awwww! So sweet, so cute. I wanna snorgle her up and down and then feed her dainty cuppy-cakes (carrot, of course).
    loves2experiment said...
    Mmmm. Can I have some carrot cuppy-cakes as well? Pretty please?!?
    Carol said...
    Carrot cuppy-cakes for everyone!

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