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Winter Edition of Personal Fabric Swap

I didn't have any cool Winter themed fabrics on hand to send out to CC! No worries. It was easy enough to hit the shops! As it turns out, there were loads to choose from. Here's the bundle I decided on for our swap:

Now, on to crafty madness. In some of our previous swaps, CC has muttered that I tend to go overboard. Whatever! That's simply not the case! I always have a blast crafting for her, and when one is inspired, God-knows-what happens. So there you have it. It's not my fault *grin* Enough rambling. Mindful of CC's comments, here's what I made her for our swap - a Winter themed tote! The combination of snowflakes and snowmen seemed to scream "Winter"! Hopefully, she'll find it useful for hauling her many wips!!!

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  1. Carol said...
    Thanks again "P"!

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