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Red! Red! Red!

*squeal* I received the bestest (is that a word?!?) swap package from my favourite personal swapper, CC! Back in January, she suggested a Red/VD theme for February (for obvious reasons). Check out the cuties she spoiled me with:

When CC received the package I sent, she sent me an email to warn me that I'm gonna do a double take when I received her package. Boy was she right! I sent her a needlebook too! Her take on a needlebook is wonderful! I love the random quilted look!!

CC always sends me a bunch of extras in our swaps, just so because she's a sweetie. I know she's nuts about rick rack, but where in the world did she find a gift bag with a rick rack design?!?

Thanks for another terrific swap, CC!


  1. Carol said...
    You,re so welcome.
    The bag is from IKEA last Christmas, of course I had to buy 12 when I saw them!
    loves2experiment said...
    If I had an IKEA within 25 miles from home, I would be there once a week!
    Carol said...
    Can you believe that I have one less than 10 minutes away and I only go a few times a year???
    loves2experiment said...
    That's unreal! And terribly unfair :P

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