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Using the oven to dye fiber...

When outside temps are in the mid 90 degrees Fahrenheit range, well that is not a clever idea. But meh, it was a long holiday weekend and I had the desire to colour the stash of mill ends I discovered while looking for, erm, something else in my craftroom.

Eeyore's Fur - 2.75 oz

My Sweet Valentine - 2.95 oz

Carribean Paradise - 2.95 oz

Squash Medley - 3.05 oz

Fighting Irish - 2.75 oz

Swamp Monster - 2.90 oz

Hyacinth's Spilled Blood - 2.80 oz

Melon Berry Sorbet - 3.05 oz

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  1. Fidget said...
    Beautiful colors and very descriptive names. :) Swamp Monster made me laugh.

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