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Snippets of paper, odd embellishments, colourful buttons, recycled aluminum pieces, spent tubes of glue, ink-stained fingers...and the occasional utterance of not-so-nice four letter words. All signs that suggest that chunky houses are in the works! Let's take a tour, shall we?

Chopin strolled among the autumn leaves.

At #9, he found very little creature comfort.

He regarded the stuffy little parlour at #10 with disdain.

Undaunted with what he has seen thus far, with an extraordinarily reflective expression, he feels a connection with #65.

#8 exuded a dissonance in the pealing harmonies, which left him oddly at peace.

With a certain ease and grace that brightened his day, quirky #4 made him smile.

#821 was a sight for sore eyes. He lingered, with carefully coherent recollections of his past.

At #703, he is humbled by a tide of crimson and the realization that a house is but a's the memories that makes it a home.


  1. Fidget said...
    I'm curious about the 5 on the back of so many of the houses. Is this your fifth batch of chunky houses? Did you luck into a lot of board with 5's already cut out? Did you explain this else where and I missed it? Curious minds want to know!
    loves2experiment said...
    These chunky houses were made for the Chunky Houses 5 swap...hence the "5" on the back of each of the houses. Oh, I wish I had a stash of chipboard fives when I made the houses!! I ended up cutting each one out of scrapbook papers :P

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