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Fiber, fiber, fiber!

Dyeing like a mad woman bent on using up her stash of fibers (because erm, more fiber is on its way *embarrassed*). Recently, I placed an order for several pounds of BFL, merino and falkland. Hence the guilt-induced flurry of activity in the laundry room.


Water (domestic wool, 4.15 oz)

Fire (domestic wool, 4.35 oz)

Denim & Taupe (mill ends, 2.80 oz)

Cyanobacteria (mill ends, 2.85 oz)

Koi Pond (mill ends, 2.95 oz)

Desert Sky (mill ends, 2.85 oz)

The Woods (mill ends, 2.80 oz)

The Gardens (mill ends, 2.80 oz)

Under The Sea (merino/silk blend, 7.10 oz)

And now, I need to tackle my undyed yarn stash. Oy vey.


  1. Fidget said...
    Oh, my! Pretty, pretty, pretty! You make the nicest colors and I love the color names. Cyanobacteria is a hoot! I bet that's something you've run across on a slide at the office and recognized the color after the dying took place. Or do you name them before the dying is complete?
    loves2experiment said...
    Ah, thanks. It's obvious you love colours as much as I do :) I usually have fun naming the dyed fiber after I'm done dyeing...I'm not skilled enough to dye a batch of fiber with a theme in mind!

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