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Nui Shibori (19/50)

Simple designs were created with a running stitch and cinched tight before immersion in a dye pot.

Looks simple, but it took me a couple of hours to stitch it...mostly because I spent quite a bit of time knotting threads and snipping ends!

Another shot of the stitching

The first bit cinched!

All shrimp dumplings in broth :D

Artsy-shot of dye run-off...just because the colour was gorgeous!

Ah, let someone else handle the hard work while I take pictures!

Blue dumplings? Anyone? No, we're not quite done just yet...

Next we had to remove all the stitches. Oh joy. But check out the contrast!!

Removing the stitches was a tad tedious...but oh-so-worth-the-effort!

After a short spell in the dryer, light press with the iron and a quick trim to tidy the scraggly edges...voila!

The top piece is J's and the bottom piece is mine! I really enjoyed the process and I will be doing this again real soon!

Bonus dyeing! I dumped a batch of sad looking buttons into the residual dye bath and voila! Buttons in a lovely bluish hue!!


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