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Black & White Fabric Swap

We're off to a great start for the first personal fabric swap in 2007!! CC sent me a bunch of cool black and white fabrics for my quilt-in-the-making stash:

She also included a bunch of swap goodies. Tsk! Tsk! This was supposed to be a fabric swap with 'a little extra' on the side. It sure doesn't seem that way anymore! Check out the crocheted items (a wonderful scarf and a little pouch), buttons, and a bunch of beads with jump rings already attached to them:

Funny thing about that scarf. The other day, a friend commented that I'm always knitting scarves for folks but I never seem to have one. Well, CC's scarf couldn't have arrived at a better time! Here's a close-up:

Thank you kindly, m'dear! I hope you receive your swap package...soon!


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